• Made from strong heavy duty woven cotton with a wrist pad
  • These padded weight lifting straps are ideal for improving your dead lift
  • Support and grip assist to help lift heavier weights
  • Black with Scorpion Power Lifting Logo
  • One size pair of weight lifting straps

These weight lifting straps are made from strong heavy duty woven cotton with a wrist pad to help with comfort and fit. The straps assist your grip so you can hold onto heavier weight without it slipping out of your hands. These straps are ideal for exercises such as stiff-legged deadlifts, shrugs, and bent-over rows. How to use: Put the non loop end of the strap through the loop. Put the strap around your wrist so that the loose end points away from your body, they should be down onto the top of your hand not high up the wrist. Pull the strap down so the strap fits close. Hold the barbell normally and wrap the strap around the bar going underneath the bar first. Once the straps are wound around the bar you can tighten them by holding the wrapped straps and rolling the bar back towards your body. The padded weight lifting straps are black with the Scorpion Power Lifting logo on the back. The come in one size only. It's always handy to have a pair of these weight lifting straps in your kit bag, part of the essential tool kit for any weight lifter.

Scorpion Power Lifting Men's Heavy Duty Pair of Padded Weight Lifting Straps